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    Thanks TeeTee!

    Just a note to say thanks. My latest bike is an '03 ZX-9R. A lot of the reasons behind choosing this bike had to do with the great things that I have read about it, especially as written by TeeTee in his support of the "real world street bike" concept.

    Just throwing on some break in miles now, Vancouver to Princeton return trip today. One fuel stop, no crippling pain (I'm older then you so it matters!) Stable as my couch on those long downhill runs in the wind.

    I have picked up a lot of great info on this site about tuning, maintenance, gear, etc. Thanks to all you guys and girls who make the effort to help the rest of us.

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    i'll second that! thanks TEETEE and the rest for the tech help.

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    i truly believe Tee Tee is the shiznit, he is an almanac of knowledge, he's a great asset to this site. i say we give him his own forum '''' Tee Tee's tech line'''

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    Thank you, thank you. You guys are all too kind.

    It all started just because I thought I could help some you folks to enjoy your bikes better and keep them on the road instead of in the shop. It's sort of grown from there.

    And as much as I'd like to take credit for the tech area I have a host of debonair drop in dudes that help out. I don't know everything by a long shot and can't be everywhere even if I did, despite my sig line . Don't forget the rest when you are thanking me because often as not they're the ones that chipped in the answers.

    As for Twinfan welcome to the sensible world of streetbikes I'm glad I could help you out through my writing. Let's get out and go riding one evening. In fact there's about 12 or 15 9R's around here. Maybe we should try to set up a 9R specific day.

    And be sure to drop into the 9R forum here....

    It's not as busy but it's more specific. And you'll note the lack of serious problems in the postings....
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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    I'm in for a 9R day.

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    I ditto that ditto..........

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    9R is a very good bike to have

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    Yup, I hear MrMurphy loved every 9R he ever owned...


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    can i still come and play?? i used to own 2 7R's??
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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