thanks to everybody who came to race.
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Thread: thanks to everybody who came to race.

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    Thumbs up thanks to everybody who came to race.

    hey team, this is a collective thank you to all the people who make a race weekend work. it was far from perfect behind the scenes, but we try. wouldn't be possible without the help of everyone who pitched in. you all know who you are, and to the racers who showed, hope you all had a great time. special thanks to our resident pros, mark kruger, steve dick and especially brent luebkert. watch out for brent when his graves bike is completed.even simon field! for all of the riders who think you need the latest, bestest, fastest and trickest bike, simon was running with the fastest pros on an eleven year old bike with 120,000 miles on it. what a show you guys put on. we're a better club with you and the rest of the pros.
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    I'm assuming that Simon's the guy that rode that 900RR and got third in open supersport (I think?) Damn, that was awesome. I was rooting for that guy! Old beaters rock! I hope that the WMRC's bank account got a boost from that one. I've never seen so many people there, bikes and spectators. What a great day!

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    Thanks to all of the organizers. I had a great time! The cornerworking was superb. I remember only one waving yellow and no reds (in the heats). Thanks guys for clearing the track so quickly to let us keep racing.


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    That was a lot of fun. See you at the next one.
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