Missin RACE SEASON ONE hoast 4 video needed
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Thread: Missin RACE SEASON ONE hoast 4 video needed

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    Missin RACE SEASON ONE hoast 4 video needed

    Hey got the mission video done for the action in turn 5/6 but I need some one to hoast it let me know

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    My GF also took some video from the stands (mostly of me ). I imported it and saved it as a 400+Mb avi. It is rough but if anyone wants to cut it and host it, I can get you a CD.

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    A friend of mine might be able to host it. His name is Jimmy and he goes by Wimmeh on the board here. He hosted a stunt video I made last year but it was chopped down to just over 10MB. Depending on the size of the video that you made, he might be able to help you out. Hang onto that footage Dave, I might be able to do something with it. Pretty sure the Apple is OK with AVI's for making movies.

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