What bike can I use for the Skills Test?
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Thread: What bike can I use for the Skills Test?

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    What bike can I use for the Skills Test?

    I just phoned ICBC and they said the only restriction is that it has to be above 50 CC. She said it could even be a scooter.

    Is this right? I just don't want to end up renting a scooter and going to my test finding out that I can't use it.

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    if you take the test on a bike lower than 200cc then you will restricted to a bike 200cc or lower. if you take it on 250 then you can ride anything. good luck.
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    like zx7man said, use a 250.. if you take it on a scooter, you basically can only ride scooters.
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    Rent a 250cc Ninja.

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    What about yer 600?
    My buddy took it on my 929, passed with flying colors, except the turning radius is kinda big but still ok.

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    I called ICBC as well and asked them if there were any restrictions on engine size (I was using a 250) and she said anything above 50cc is fine and there are no restrictions if you take it on a smaller bike (ie under 200cc). So I dont know if she just didnt know what she was talking about, or if there are actually no restrictions because the examiner did ask me what size the bike was and made note of it.

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    well, you can take anything I'm guessing, however not to worry too much, they "calibrate" the turning radius's for each bike... so even if you have a scooter, it will be even sharper because of it. I'd personally find something really light and easy to do low speed stuff with. At Action we had the Sherpas I think. they worked pretty good.

    though I know lots of people who pass on thier 600cc+ bikes. Just make sure you have low speed control!

    Good luck!


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