Mounting License Plates...?
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Thread: Mounting License Plates...?

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    Mounting License Plates...?

    Does any body know the real deal on mounting plates. I have heard stories about sticking the plate in by the wheel hugger and it is legal...
    The motor vehicle act is not too clear except that is must be horizontal and viewable by traffic cameras...?
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    Have you seen plates on cop bikes? Or maybe I should rephrase that.
    Can you see plates on cop bikes?
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    Or is it the other way around?

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    this is the jist of the conversation between a couple friends and i down south.

    cop: "i'll be setting my cruise control to 100 (mph) for the drive back up"

    me: "me too"

    cop: "here's my card. you'll need it if you're planning to do 100 on the I-5 but it's not likely to get you out of trouble"

    buddy: "you just said you were doing 100 also"

    cop: "never do as i do. just do as i say"

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