A long time ago(very) A grumpy old mechanic(Richmond Honda)
Told me that the break-in period was as much for the bike as it is for the manufacturer. He said that the bike I had Just bought(Honda 400 Supersport) Was more or less tested at the factory
parking lot. At the time I wasn't listening to anyone over 30, so I rode it gently for 100k or so and then like it was stolen. I sold the bike some years later and the guy that bought it had it checked by a dealer and it passed with flying colors. So I wondered about the grumpy old mechanics idle ramblings again. Then awhile back I heard a story about the original vf750's (1980ish) having soft cam lobes. Two friends bought the same bikes the same day, one very cautious, the other not. The cautious person never took the bike over 3 grand, even after the "break-in period". The other
rode WFO (wide f##king open) from the moment he left the dealers. Well this guy mashed those soft cam lobes before he had hit a thousand k's. Dealer knew it was a factory flaw, replaced the motor fee of charge. The other kinder, gentler person didn't had the problem show up for 6 years. No he didn't get a new motor. Anyway just stories for food for thought