June 10th Ride to (east) Kootenays
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Thread: June 10th Ride to (east) Kootenays

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    June 10th Ride to (east) Kootenays

    Hey All,
    Just throwing this one out there, but I will be riding to my hometown (Fernie/Sparwood). It should take about 8.1/2 - 9 hours on the Number 3 highway. Riding safe but brisk to make good time but of course safety is the real and first priority. If anyone has family in Calgary I would be more than happy to accompany you to Calgary the next day as well (its about 3 hours in a car). If you would like to hang out for a few days that is cool as well and accomidation and most meals would be free, home-cooked. The setting while I am there will be seeing old friends and family and this usually means quite a bit of
    I will be riding back to Vancouver on the 16th, Leaving the kootenays early in the am to get a nice full day of riding.

    PM me or post up if interested, even company half way or a smaller part would be alright.


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    Way to go Dan ... that sounds like a great ride! If I had the time and if I was still a drinking hooligan (like, say 10 years ago! hahaha), I'd join you for the ride. I'm sure some brave soul will take you up on your offer though! Have fun and ride safe! Lori

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    Dan: Man that sounds like a great trip!

    I don't think I can take Thursday & Friday off work on short notice though, otherwise I'd have loved to ride along.


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    Hey Dan!!!, you still headed over to Fernie??? I might ride down to the #3 and join you for a few hours ...or maybe just go the whole way and see my bro in Calgary i dunno yet, anyway let me know if your still heading out there,


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    Hey Jennay, So far the weather is looking to be alright and eveything is still a go
    So far my plan is to leave at about 6 in the a.m. and try and hit Osoyoss at around 10:30 I think it works out close to there. And I should be in Fernie by dinner time. should be a good one. I'll give ya a shout tomorrow

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