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    I'm getting my will done and would like to know if its fine to use the CD version,cheaper or go through a lawyer instead.Mine I figure will be nothing too complicated I think?

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    You can write a will, legally, on anything you want. The books, CDs, lawyers, etc. basically just give you an outline of how it can be written and what types of things can be included. But they're not required to have a will that's legal.
    I would think the CD would have everything you need and more if you're looking at a pretty simple will.
    After it's written print it out, date it, sign it, make some copies and put them in a couple different safe places, just in case.
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    I just had a will drawn up for the first time this spring. I checked out a friend's CD which was a couple of years old, and decided to get a notary to draw it up for me. A bit of a comprimise between a 'do it yourself' and a lawyer. It cost me a couple of hundred dollars (added to the cost of completing the deal to register the purchase of a condo) vs. nearly $400 for a lawyer. I didn't shop around too much for lawyers to try and get a better deal - for the cost, I thought the notary was a good deal, and she pointed out a couple of things that weren't evident on the do-it-yourself CD. Even without buying a condo and getting a bit of a 'package deal', the notary would have been cheaper than a lawyer. Hope this helps...

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