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    Scanning pics

    Can anyone tell me how to scan pics using a better quailty? Is the dpi settings the better quality? I tried a higher dpi and all it did was scann the picture larger.

    Thanks Dafnip

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    up the DPI, scan it in, scale it down, voila!

    or something to that effect.
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    What scanner are you using, and what software do you have to manipulate it?

    For photos, if it's a 4x6 (regular 35mm film printed at whever), then the DPI makes a big difference as to how large the picture turns out. Which also makes a difference as to how much detail there is (important fact in the recent photos you've taken ).

    75dpi is screen worthy for small pictures..

    What I would do is scan them in at 600dpi, and then resize the image to something resonable (you'll notice most of the pictures I put up are at 1600x1200 pixels).

    You scanner will also no doubt have some kind of 'gamma' setting where you can play with the brightness. I noticed the pictures were a little on the dark side.. this will help brighten it up a bit.

    Any questions.. feel free to ask. I've done mucho scanning.
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    i usually try to push my azz cheeks closer together... really push it on there... you'd be suprised with the quality you can get

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