Help with shipping bike to ontario.
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Thread: Help with shipping bike to ontario.

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    Help with shipping bike to ontario.

    Is anyone here know how can i find a moving company to move my bike to toronto? and do u guys think is it possible to run back to the dealer and get the orginal box to pack the bike??

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    i work for a freight forwarder.... I'll ask our ground dept. who will most likely be able to move it for me for deets

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    Can you ask around how much it would cost to ship the bike?

    I will also be moving about 1500lbs of stuffs from vancouver to toronto, it'd be great if you can also ask what's the rate/lbs for moving from vancouver to toronto for me.


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    It won't be cheap....

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    You might want to think about crating yer bike and putting it on the train.
    I heard that it is cheaper than a trucking company but a bit slower.
    I have no real idea on how much $$$ it would cost but maybe somebody else on here does??

    Just a thought

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    I went through this last fall when it looked like I was going to move to Toronto for my job. Here's the thread I'd started - where folks were really helpful w/ good posts/info :

    Additonal posts otta be scribbled here, not the linked thread .

    Good Luck!
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