JasonR is alive and well....
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Thread: JasonR is alive and well....

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    JasonR is alive and well....

    I had a chance to drop by VGH today and peek in on Jason. His legs are still on the mend and he's got a long way to go but things ARE moving in a positive direction.

    I decided to start this new thread as the other one is getting kinda long and it's time to put the accident behind and look to the future.

    Jason is quite positive about the future and that is a very great sign. But idleness is taking it's toll. He even confided in me that he's getting tired of all the internet'ing... I quickly looked about for the brainwashing police or evidence that our comrade had been abducted by aliens and anally probed into forsaking the Holy Internet... I suppose solitary confinment can force an otherwise sane person into making all sorts of crazy remarks like this but it SCARED me..... He had his wheels on so we made a break for it and went over the wall to a park across the street for some fresh air.

    He's even avoiding some of the hosipital food blues by ordering in pizza direct to the floor. I'm not sure how many slices the nurses hold back as a tithe but hey, if they come in and keep him company it can't be all bad. Some of them didn't look to bad to me when I was there.... And if you want to bring is some food for him non sugary things are best. He's had more candy in the past few weeks than he ever wants to see for the rest of his life...

    Jason mentioned that his closer circle of friends is continuing to drop by but he's been pleasently surprised by the number of us that also came by to see him. So if you're in the area and have some time to kill drop on in. It's room 14020 on the 14th floor (duh!) of the new tower.
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    Sorry Jason, I haven't been by this week to say hi...been busy studying. I want to grab that tape from you and record next week's AMA round and the Italian GP, so you can watch it.
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    Cheers from Spo-ville Jason Every day a small victory!


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    Jason R
    sounds good harps. The room is actually fourteen two twenty. Thanks for commin Bruce. John Ill call you tonight.

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    I've got an awesome 8x12 photograph for Jason. Anyone planning a visit this week that could deliver it?

    I live in Port Moody and work in North Burnaby - we could rendezvous for the handoff.

    Email me....


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