Another Destination Highway done!!
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Thread: Another Destination Highway done!!

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    Another Destination Highway done!!

    I went for a great ride on the island today-from Victoria to Port Renfrew. Didn't make it all the way to Port Renfrew cause the weather looked like it was starting to go bad (and the book says the pavement gets crappy) but right up unitil we turned around about 20kms from PR, the pavement was awesome! Mind you. there were a few random gravel deposits but not too much. We even saw a baby black bear cub! One more Distination highway logged. only 96 to go.

    I brought along my video camera to test my homemade camera tank mount so i got some footage of the roads. Will post after i edit it.

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    Yeah, it's a great book. The Washington book should be out at the end of this month. They have TONS of awesome roads down there.

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    I have had mine for almost a year, won it at a rally last year and still haven't looked at it yet, guess I should log off and try to remember how to flip pages.
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