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    no title HAHA

    ok soo this might take a while ........................ (dont mind the spelling mistakes)

    today i got the oppertunity to go to stratoech raceway by edmonton FOR FREE .... sooo the teacher was clint mcbain and his teammate craig (dont know his last name) anyways being on the track was fcuking amazing!!!! like holy shit i dont even know thew words to describe it sooo i was thinking maybe i should get into racing ........ ok soo i need a bike right (prolly would like ot buy a race ready bike because they are a waaaaaaaay better deal) anyways im gonna need/want to get a/some sponsor (s) now how do i go about doin this (my plan is to race next season because i think its too late now) any oppionions/suggestions for me ??

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    are you drunk?

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    I'm guessing the way to get sponsors is to prove to them that you're going to attract enough attention to return the investment that they make in you. Or you know a business owner, and s/he is willing to give you money.

    To do that you need probably need to race and show that you're worth the money. To race you'll probably need a racebike, which will mean getting sponsors.

    I'm guessing the way to get sponsors is to prove to them that you're....

    Ahem. Anyway, I'm doubting that anyone will just sponsor some guy out of nowhere (no offense). So you'll probably need to get enough cash to get a racebike, license, gear, blah blah blah.

    And like gixxstar said, welcome to your new addiction . Perhaps you should try more track days first?..

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    Before you can get sponsors you will need to prove yourself, so you will have to bite the initial costs.... hope you have a good job.... cause you are about to bleed money for this... (in a good way????)

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    There are a couple of ways to get a sponsor:

    1. Know someone rich AND stupid.


    2. Win all your novice races next year (at your own expense) and then spend the next 3 or 4 years placing in the top three in your local club races. Then maybe, just maybe, you`ll get dealer cost on your tires.

    Good luck!

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    no title Ha Ha???
    no sponsor Ha Ha Ha???
    no racebike Ha Ha Ha Ha???

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    i like the find someone rich AND stupid part sooo how much does a race licence typically cost (approx) im thinkin ball park $300 ish... maybe ....... i unnno

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    dont worry about sponsors, no one is going to throw money at you until you have proven yourself unless they are friends with businesses. the way to get them, is to prove to them its worth their money sponsoring you, that not only meens you will advrtise them on your bike, but go the extra mile to make them more business, put on a good show. sell yourself, steve dick has mad sponsorship, but he worked his ass off for all of it. its work.

    see you next year, you can still get racing this year easy enough. classifieds check for race bikes.

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    Look at my sig. It's true. Nobody without stupid friends with deep pockets races for free right out of the gate. You just might be the next Rossi, Mlaiden, Crevier.......most likely not!!! You need the bike and all the goodies to go with it(who the fuck gives a free bike to someone that's never competed in a race), I'm getting ahead of myself......LICENSE , gear, transportation, spares, entry fees, then race accessories like timers, warmers, generator all add up and are really nice to have.

    I'm lost on the whole sponsor thing. I've talked to guys that understand it very well though and it's not as simple as having a few stickers on your bike and finishing well There's A LOT more to it than that. You build a relationship with them and show them what you can do for them rather than walking into random businesses with your hand out. You can definitely bank on going through the first year on your dime. Start small and work your way up. Still trying figure out how to get the small start down

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