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    Front Sprocket Cover

    Well, this is something that has been mentioned before, but since i just cleaned mine today, i figured why not remind my fellow newbies?

    I was oiling my chain today, and since i'd just be lazing around anyways, i figured i might as well clean under my front sprocket cover as well. I have owned my bike since Feb./2003 and this is the third time i have cleaned under there. When i first bought my bike, the chain had been lubed by the shop with that black spray-on glue that most of you guys enjoy using. When i took the front cover off the first time, i almost had a fucken heart attack. Since then, i have been using chainsaw bar oil on my chain, and although the bastard still gets dirtier than a muthafucka, it's easily cleaned off with some WD-40, a rag, a toothbrush and some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

    Ok, now, not all covers are created equal. Mine has all kinds of nooks and crannies for shit to call home, so i just do my best with the rag and toothbrush. You may not be able to get it as clean as TeeTee (see pic) but i just do my best as long as i have made a visible improvement, i am happy.

    So there you have it. A worthless post? Perhaps, but it's something that i KNOW gets overlooked by many people, and when it comes time to change my chain/sprockets, it'll be all that much nicer.

    P.S. here's my rendition of what my cover looked like, and i bet many of yours are just as bad:

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    come on, foliage? not likely. i can see there being dinosaurs in there, being a seca II and all :P

    bar oil is pimp btw, so many uses

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    Damn, all I found in mine beside the tar pit was some alligator fossils.

    Cute Crab, very cute....
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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    The picture makes it a worthwhile post.
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    Next time if i'm really desperate, i'll just take it to work and use some incredibly harsh solvents on the fucker, just to teach it a lesson.

    And just for the record, Jayson likes glistening young boys.

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    I had some gunge build up in mine, not as bad as I thought it would be.

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