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Thread: Recording cassette tape to CD

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    Question Recording cassette tape to CD

    Damn. I have a feeling I've posted this question before, but I can't find anything through the forum search function.

    Has anyone experience with recording from cassette (audio) tape to CD?

    My daughter took out a book-on-tape from the public library. I figure I can dub it (tape-to-tape) for her to listen to 100+ times that she will want to, but is there an easy way to record to CD?

    I have CD burner, I have a soundcard with a mic input. I guess I need some kind of recording software. Ideally I would be able to chop the tracks up into "chapters" instead of one huge track.


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    Easy: Connect a cable from your casette player's Line Out to your sound card's Line In. Use a program like Sound Recorder or GoldWave to record the audio in WAV format. Drag WAV file(s) into your favorite burning software. Ta da

    If you want separate tracks, just make each section a separate WAV file.

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    Goldwave rocks. Use it, I do. I like it so much I'm even probably going to send the guy the money. (it's shareware)
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