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    UPS new uniform

    Dear Valued UPS Customer,

    We know that many of you are very leery about changes in service levels. For that reason, we are e-mailing this information to you in advance, to alleviate any concerns you may have. There have been some rumors on e-mail about terrorists posing as UPS drivers. We think this change
    will eliminate that fear.UPS has recently updated uniforms for its delivery personnel.
    Please DO NOT turn away any drivers who are dressed differently than you may be accustomed to. We are attaching a photo of what our new uniforms look like in order to clarify this issue further. Again, PLEASE DO NOT TURN AWAY A DRIVER WEARING OUR NEW UNIFORM!


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    I think I just might start sending packages to myself if they are delivered by her.

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    Its ok, the new uniform seems to be quite loose fitting though. Perhaps they should just be painted on?
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    And I've got a package for you. Oh riiight.
    Heh he. I've developed immunity to that stuff.
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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