Need some foam for solo cowling
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Thread: Need some foam for solo cowling

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    Need some foam for solo cowling

    I'm looking for some foam to make a pad on the front of my solo race cowling. I've borrowed one before (was attached to a solo cap) and it made a big difference on the gas. Would be nice to not have to hang onto the bike so tightly going down the straights on the track. Something similar to what they use at swimming pools. I'm getting to a stage in my life that I won't go down to the pool and steal it so where do I get this stuff? Nothing fancy. I don't care what it looks like. Here's a professionally made on to give an idea.

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    find the blue high density foam for camping. Can Tire sells em as a roll for cheap. did that for my 600 and had my wife cover it in some nice black pleather!!
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