CAMBIE ST RD BLK 10:30 PM tuesday
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Thread: CAMBIE ST RD BLK 10:30 PM tuesday

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    CAMBIE ST RD BLK 10:30 PM tuesday

    counter attack for drink and driving
    which is so weird at 10:30 at night on a TUESDAY.
    talk about nothing to do..
    anyway they pulled me over to check my license so be sure to have your full class 6 guys

    the cop pulls me over, i was already busy trying to pull my tinted visor up, tired to push stop on my MP3 player...

    cops sees my MP3 player
    Cop: "what's that"
    Me: ".hm.....they're my ear plugs."
    He's like. oh....ok....
    Cop: "Nice gloves"
    Me: "yeah... hmm.... safety first" hahhaah harsh being nice and sucking up..
    checks my license and that was that.

    anyhoo, make sure u guys have ur class 6
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    it's that time again and more road blocks are popping up than last year
    02 R1- stolen Nov 24/02

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