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    Hey Stunters or otherwise talented individuals,

    Finally! I just discovered that there's a global talent competition that just pre-launched. Check out this www.15minutes.tv site.... I read the details and anything goes!

    You can submit your crazy stunt videos to be put on the site...or anything else. ..could win some bucks too and get some serious attention .... just a thought... the site just pre-launched. I heard that early submissions may get some interesting attention before it booms.

    It'd be cool to see Local tricks cause there's no bikes on there yet. I wouldn't mind filming either if anyone is interested.

    good luck to ya!
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    I needed a camera at the site of my wreck. The Superman routine would have been cool, except that Superman doesn't crash to the earth.


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    Hey Brian,

    That would be interesting.... ... say do you know anyone brave enough to show off on a camera for a few minutes of clips ... the more I think about it, the more we need to show that stunt culture.. I'd go on with my bike but the camera wouldn't catch me ....no fun anyway. They can even use their stage name.

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    Try the guys in the stunt forum. There's some really talented riders from here that might have a shot and have tonnes of footage already.

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    Thanks Rob,

    I did throw a post under stunt riders.....I don't really know any of them so I don't see getting much interest. Do you know anybody that can do some cool stuff? I might have to try something myself soon!

    What about people that like to crash....are there any? There must be...I've heard stories....

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    Thats funny! I just might take you up on that..... what kind of crash are you up for? I've always wanted to ride along the hwy from Lillooet to Lytton and just giver full throttle over the edge and let the bike fall into the Fraser River as I attempt to pull a mini chute.... I might need some technical advice for this one and some heli cameras...... unless you're up for that one..? it could be arranged. I'll supply the bike.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    umm no thanx.....u dont get to keep the rights to your videos......not gonna werk.....nice try 15minutes.tv...u cheeky bastards
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    oh ya so keep that one video in the closet for "one day someone will notice you and give you a chance" A small sacrafice, donating a short clip to have your name out there...if your into self promoting...... on the other hand.. if it is the only one idea you have....better hold on to it and never let anyone see it right? hahaha These days you've got to take a chance.

    If one has such a good clip and Letterman gets it...and wants to meet the nut behind it..... so be it!

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