What would you do? (theives)
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Thread: What would you do? (theives)

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    What would you do? (theives)

    So this new girl moves into the building and now all these guys are coming around ALL THE TIME, i mean like at all hours of the night.

    I wake up this morning at 6AM and look out my window, and there is 2 guys and a girl in the driveway of the building (see my pics to see what i mean) scoping out my bikes, like looking it up and down.
    So i get some clothes on and walk out my door to the balcony and ask whats up, and they are all freindly, like hey are those your bikes, im like yup

    And lo and behold in the back of the truck they are driving is a shiny blue ZX6, the guy is kinda bouncing on the bike in the back of the truck with a "drive it like you stole it" kinda look going on..
    So they leave right after i walk out there and i go to school.

    I come back today and decided im going to buy a lock and chain, so i go and get it and come back and chain the front wheel of one bike to the back wheel of the other, i figure there is no way they can fit 2 bikes lengthwise into a truck without me hearing it, it would be alot easier to roll one bike down the hill and load it up though.
    Ill probably get a disc lock too and maybe an alarm, but im feeling alot better just having this lock.

    Anyways, story not over. Im sitting down 10 minutes ago and iget a knock on the door, there is this older lady outside my door she asks to come in..
    She is my neighbors cousin (not new one) and she is telling me about whats going on.. she says that the new chick is basically a whore, working for the HA, she says look there is a biker doing some coke right now, and i look into the window and there is this big guy in a leather jacket sitting at the table doing a line..
    she says that they basically are going to jack my bike if im not carefull, that they do it all the time and to not think it cant happen to me, she looked pretty scared..

    Anyways, im thinking im going to call my landlord tommorow and talk to him about having a prostitute living in his building, me and my landlord get along really well and he trusts me to watch over this place, so basically if i tell him all this he will evict her.

    Should i? should i just take precautions and let it be? even if they kick her out will they still try and steal it?

    im somewhat concerned, and i dont really wanna run out on these guys while they are jacking my bike with the sword i keep handy if they are HA and come back with freinds to shoot me..

    thanks for letting me vent


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    Damn! Sounds like a shitstorm moved into your building.

    Good luck evicting the chick -- the law is on the tenant's side. Maybe if it can be proven that she is seeing clients in her apartment the landlord might get an eviction order to stick.

    I'd start looking for a new place to live.

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    To my mind if you don't get her kicked out then your bikes WILL dissappear.

    Out of sight and out of mind is often the best defense. If they aren't coming around to see your bikes then they probably won't think about them. Just keep those locks on for at least a month or two so they forget about them.
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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    If she's associated with some bad people, then evicting her might put your landlord in danger too.

    Best bet is to not mess with them, and park your bikes at friend/family's garage while looking for a new place to move into.

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    Is she atleast a hot whore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cletus
    nice response... why don't you go be an ass somewhere else... at least give the guy an option.

    Kristopher... if I were you I'd look into a new place. In the meantime... as the guys said out of sight, out of mind. Get a bike cover, one that has a hole to lock it to your bike. Get a disc lock and the cable and tether it all together. If they don't see it... hopefully they'll leave it alone.

    good luck...

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    If I were you, I would find out if she is really workin for HA or just loads of crap .....
    and I would roll into your local HA chapter, and talk the president or full fledge guys overe there about your situation... HA guys are bikers .. they luv their bike as well.

    just to make sure those guys aren't HA wannabes or just prospect of HA puppets ...

    and to look for your local HA club .. go check out their website

    get a webcam ..hook it up 2 ur computer and record over ur bike 24-7 .. cheap insurance as well

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    Damn... that's a touchy situation you've got goin' there.

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    wow Kris thats lame! Maybe see if anyone with a garage can store your other bike for you for a bit till you get it worked out (hint Rick, help us with our garage so Kris can bring his bike over! lol) Get theft insurance if you don't have it!

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    why dont u just become freinds with em... do a couple lines and ur in

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    or the alternative............pull a scarface and barge in with some guns blazing ..........actions speak louder than words........do something anything to protect ur bikes...........move....... chain ur bike to a pole.....etc

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    get the bitch evicted, if not your bikes are as good as gone.
    as for the H.A. coming back to haunt you, whatever , they have better things to do than rough up a landlord that evicted a crackhead. chances are she brings trouble where ever she goes and has liklely been evicted many times. landlords are often funny about having their property used as a crack/whore house. the H.A. don't give a fuk about her and wouldn't risk anything over something so trivial.
    if you don't you won't get any peace of mind and your apt will be next.
    getting her evicted won't gaurantee the bikes safety now that they know where the bikes are so i'd lock/alarm the shit ot of them.
    if you're worried about shit goin' down if you try to stop them while in progress simply diall 911. let the cops do the dirty work, it's their job anyways.

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    John GTS
    Quote Originally Posted by busbyo
    Throw a raunchy party of your own and make sure you invite a bunch of bikers (us?) to let these HA's know that you have "friends" too.

    That or move your ass outta there.
    the sad part is even though you get along with a long of people and be nice to them, doesn't mean that they will leave your bike alone

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    Let me guess: Harewood.

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