Tire Replacement based on age alone?
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Thread: Tire Replacement based on age alone?

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    Question Tire Replacement based on age alone?

    Hi all,

    I have 4 year old Metzlers with lots of tread and they "appear" to be in good condition. The person that I bought the bike off didn't use it very much. I have heard from friends that tires lose their "consistency" after that long and upon touch they do feel greasier than a new broken in tire. If I can avoid buying new tires I would prefer to save the money ... but I don't want to crash because I was too cheap to replace the most important part of the bike.

    Should I replace them or can they last the season? If so ... what tires are the best sticky summer tires which will last at least a year or so?

    Thanks in advance for any help

    - Phil.

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    It sort of depends on the type of riding you plan on doing.

    If you're a new rider, and plan on taking this season just to get a feel for riding, use it for commuting, etc...those tyres will probably be fine. However, if you're sort of a weekend warrior and plan on riding your bike pretty hard through the twisties and stuff, I would replace the tyres.

    I have a little commuter bike, and I have no idea how old the tyres are on that thing...probably from the 80s. But when I use to ride my sportbike on the street, and use to ride semi-hard...I would never consider keeping set of tyres for more than 2 years. They never lasted that long anyways...but when I bought used bikes and the tyres were old, I replaced them.
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    If there is not cracking and no cupping, there should be no reason to replace them for street use. If you are going to take it to the track, that's a different story. You won't have the stickiest tires in the world, but what does it matter. For the record though, I have never had any tire last 4 years for me. 3 years max.

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    Thanks for the responses!

    I don't think they'll last long with me either. I bought the bike off a chick who didn't use the bike much. The bike was in sweet condition actually ... so it's just begging to be flogged a little Just want to make sure me arse don't go flying off a bend because I am tire-lexic ...

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    For street riding your tires should be fine unless there are obvious signs they need replacing such as deep cuts, squared on centre, or the wear bars are showing through. I had the same bike previously, and if I recall it had Metzler MEZ4's or something like that (?). They were pretty good tires.

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