Hi all,

There is a torrent of water / puddle running across the road just off West 4th ave on the right hand bend as you ride down to Jericho / Spanish Banks under the trees. There was an inch of water on my tire as I road through it going uphill coming from Spanish Banks / Jericho Hostel direction.

I came up the hill pretty quick and I only saw it due to the volume since it in a tree shadow as well. I had to hit the brakes pretty hard to bite the dry pavement before it ran out. It's right on the bend (right if you are going downhill, left uphill) ... there is a lot of water and it could easily cause a crash / head-on collision so watch out for it if you are riding the beaches today.

Not sure if it was a watermain burst, cleaning or what ... concentrating too hard on keeping traction to see.

Stay safe,