"FI" Light Codes
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Thread: "FI" Light Codes

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    "FI" Light Codes

    Can anyone tell me what: one long then one short, "FI" light means on my F4I or do i have to take it to the dealership to get the computer checked?


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    Did you short the diagnostic jumper to get that code or does it just do that when you turn the bike on? You have to short the jumper to get the real codes if I remember correctly. The jumper is hidden by the ECU. You're probably best to take it to the dealership or find somebody with the service manual to help you out.

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    True about the jumper. Your FI light wont give you an accurate code reading as is.
    What you do is look for the little black 2 pin connector near your battery, that doesn't plug into anything. That is the service check plug. Short the connectors with a small piece of wire, then turn on your ignition with your kill switch set to run (dont start the bike). that should give you the correct reading of MIL lamp codes. A long blink counts as ten, and short ones one each, so that if you did have one long and one short blink, you would have code 11. Post your actual code, and i'll let you know what it is.

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    11=Vehicle speed sensor, poor connection, short circuit or faulty. Engine will continue to operate normally

    That was posted on another site....
    Looks like i guess my speed for a while, cause that explains exactly why the speedo would be cutting out

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