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    Question for Kamloops Riders

    Where in the heck, in Kamloops, can I take riding lessons? I'm looking for both in class and out of class lessons. Also, if you happen to know, what is the cost of each lesson, and do they supply a bike to learn on.



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    Give Dallas Driving School a call, I know they do lessons but I've never looked into the prices or the details of their program. I spoke with a lady from Young Drivers of Canada one day when I was working, and she said that she's pretty sure they have a few bikes for lessons if you don't have your own. With any luck, I too may be talking to them soon. Good luck, lemme know how it goes!
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    They provide everything but a helmet and jackets. Cost is around 700 iirc, that that takes you right up to a class 6. I've heard good things about them, but I never went because:

    1: They book up FAST. Don't expect to get in right away.
    2: I didn't have the bling bling.

    Do you have a license yet? I just got my class 6 so I can help you learn if you want.
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    Unfortunatly I don't have my license yet, so the only bike practising I'll be doing for a bit is on my little 80cc dirt bike that's been around, oh, since the early 80's. I've been holding off on getting my learners, and buying a bike, because I'm debating whether or not I should take the lessons first and get my license through who ever provides the lessons (if it's included). I just wanted to know of few places I could go or call to get information about classes, etc before i make my decision. I've got a buddy that's been riding for awhile now saying not to take the lessons, to just learn on my own. I've seen what can happen to people that don't take lessons and just go and try to learn on their own (friend of mine rode his bike off 2 cliffs in a matter of 2 months, needless to say he doesn't have a bike atm).

    Anywho, the search continues


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