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    Newbie Exhaust Questions

    hey guys, I'm considering buying a yosh (is that short for yoshimura) exhaust for my bike from a guy on this board. His bike is a 2000 r1, while mine is a 99 r6. According to his mechanic, it should fit my bike also. Can anyone confirm this? I just want to make sure before I purchase it. Also, would it require welding it on my bike, or can I just slip it on, (hence the name slip-on.haha)

    LIke i said, I'm really new to this stuff. Any input would be appreciated.


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    if its a slip on it may fit. if its a full system from motor back then no it won't fit. a slip on attaches at the point almost under your right foot peg. its sometimes called a half-system. a full system starts right at the engine as a header, then the 4 come down into either one collector or into 2 pipes then into 1 collector and into one large pipe. then its the intermediate pipe to the muffler. slip on is just the intermediate pipe and muffler. hope this helps. oh and yes Yosh is short for Yoshimura. hope it works out for you.
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