Rider Down?
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    Rider Down?

    Who went down just North of the Lions gate bridge last night? and what happened?
    Looked like an R6 that was written off and the rider seemed to look alright as I was riding by.
    He cracked the case open cuz when I was coming home later that night, I just about lost it on the corner after the bridge coming around into West Van.
    Make sure to be cautious around there for the next few days.


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    I was in that group. We were heading up to cypress, and the guy with the R6 lowsided at about 100 or so I figure. I don't know if he scraped a peg, hit some sand or what, but he lowsided, bounced the bike off of the railing and slid on his ass a ways. Not a scratch on him! The R6 however is a different story.

    He cracked the crank which meant all of the oil spilled on the road. The rest of us threw sand and dirt all over it, but with all the drivers it was a little futile. While we were there, with a cop car and towtruck with lights on, a chick went flying by at about 80, hit the oil and just barely managed to recover before going into the rail!

    So ya, watch that area, the oil got spread quite a bit, and the corner is tricky anyways w/o the extra hazard.

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    i buzzed by there yesterday, just minutes after the incident . saw the red r6 on top of the tow truck. i took the inside lane but i stood up as i saw the blue and red lights. i didn't see any oil though.

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    Thanks for the heads up on the road conditions!

    Glad the rider is ok.


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