Motorcyclist Wrangles Cattle
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Thread: Motorcyclist Wrangles Cattle

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    Motorcyclist Wrangles Cattle

    At around 6PM a biker was chasing a cow off the Whatcom exit from the Hwy in Abby. I'm pretty sure they came across the bridge over the Hwy then they were on the road across from Tim Hortons.
    He would rev up and "push" the cow away down the road, he eventually moved the cow into the Trucker/gravel stop area in front of Timmys. By this time 3 cop cars were racing in, followed a few mins later by animal control.

    He was riding a Dual purpose bike of some sort, would really like to hear his story it was great to watch. Unfortunately i didnt have my camera
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    what was the cow doing on the road anyways? He was robably doing someone a favor. Just give the poor cow some valium or a 26 of booze to calm it down.
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    Haha... I heard about the cow on the road on the radio... didn't know about the motorcycle wrangler though...

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    lol, I guess horses are being obsolete
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