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    No Sparky...

    Subject bike is a 95 ZX6E Ninja

    Two days ago it started...well, the problem that is. The bike actually started too.

    The bike was cold, and was very hard to start, didn't fire, just turned over. After about 4 or 5 minutes of intermittent attempts, (no I didn't crank the thing over for five minutes straight ), it finally started. I rode to work, and when finished work, again it was hard starting. Last night, again, hard far, this is all when it was cold. I finally got the bike running, and warmed it up. I shut it off two times, and it started right back up. The third time, it wouldn't start again. That was more starting of this bike for me. I changed the plugs, no luck. (Figured 4 spark plugs aren't too expensive, and worth a shot.) Since then, I have spent most of today trying to figure out what is going on. I have got to the point where it is a spark problem, there is none. I had about 5 seconds of seeing spark today, which gave me hope, then nothing since.

    I have swapped some of the electrical components from my wife's bike, (97 ZX6E Ninja), the main module itself (IC Ignitor by the book, CDI by the Kawi tech guys I talked to on the phone), and the coils, but nothing changed, and the parts from my bike worked on hers. I have searched for bare wires and bad connections, but nothing evident. All the saftey switches function properly. The bike will turn over, just not fire as there is no fire to burn the fuel. :P

    I think I have been pretty thorough, but the only thing I haven't done, that I want to, is go over the bike with a continuity tester...however, I neither have one, or know how to use one, (otherwise I probably would have bought one today)...

    Am I SOL, or does someone have any insight, or suggestions I can try?? It sucks having a bike sitting in the carport that refuses to start...especially when the sun is threatening to emerge from the skies...

    Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome...
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    You can get away with just having a $3 test light. Go through each circuit in the wiring diagram related to ignition and check them all. Continuity just means the circuit is complete. The test light will do what you need here.

    Since your parts worked on her bike it's connectivity issues with those parts or some other part. Check your ignition switch over very carefully, same with kill; wiggle and move stuff to make sure it's not an intermittent problem and check all grounds.


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