2001 F4 for $7.99 plus tax
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Thread: 2001 F4 for $7.99 plus tax

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    Talking 2001 F4 for $7.99 plus tax

    I picked up a 2001 CBR F4 today for $7.99 plus tac. Its orange and black. No decs, no drops and still has the factory pipe. As soon as i got it home, i took the turn lights and mirrors off. Its my new track toy.

    I mean for $7.99 i cant really go wrong. It was the last one left on the shelf too. I asked the lady at Toys R Us if they will be gettin any more in, and she said maybe. I will keep a good look out to add to my colection.

    So far i have:

    2002 Yami R7
    2001 CBR F4

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    Lol u really need to get a bike. A real bike.

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    i know, i know, i feel so left out. But for the time being, my toys are good enough.

    in due time.

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    yellow plastic ducky
    can u do tricks one em?
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    hey Shizzam, get Manny to sell your car for you and we wil lgo shopping for the new ZX10R....
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    hrmm.. i think im going to get me those Marvel Comics bikes that they have. I know i've seen em, like Spidey has a ducati or something. and wolverine has a triumph.

    I was going to get one for adamantium, but i don't go on any group rides since i have no bike, so there would be no point right now. but when i get my bike, there will be a gift for adamantium.

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