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    Next summer I'll buy another.

    SOLD!! 2003 Sv650s

    Ok. I've thought it through and I have no way of keeping my bike anymore. I have no where to store it and I don't have a whole lot of time to make use of it... this sucks, but someone's gotta make use of a really good bike.

    2003 Suzuki SV650S (copper colour)
    No liens (fully paid for since day one)
    No damage
    No accidents
    Never been dropped/dumped
    Absolutely Stock. Nothing has ever been modified.
    I've had it for less than a year (still within Suzuki's warranty - I bought it late last August I think).
    Chevron Suprememe Plus Gas used always (regardless of what people say about wasting money on high grade gasoline - I just rather pay the extra buck for premium fuel).
    It has approx. 3600 km (it's been sitting still for a month already). I may or may not add a few more km's in the days to come before it's sold. But at this time, it's been at 3600km for since beginning of May. I haven't touched the bike since.

    This thing is pretty much brand spanking new. The only thing it "may" need at most is a chain adjustment (which is a 15 minute or less job), but I'm too lazy to go and do it. You save on the Taxes and PDI of a new bike.

    Reason I'm selling it, is because I don't have a garage or carport at my place and I don't want to park it in on the streets of my neighborhood (damn hoodlum kids vandalizing stuff all the time). At this time, it's parked at my friend's garage (which is too far for me to always travel to pick it up to ride), but he said he needs the space and he asked me to move it.

    Asking $6900 (negotiable). Take this chance to get a new bike. Read the reviews. Great bike.. I hate to let her go, but I have to for the above reason. My loss is your gain.

    I'd prefer to have no test pilots. I don't want to end up having a thrashed or dumped bike to sell. Unless you're willing to buy it if you happen to drop/dump/damage it during the test.

    email is the key.
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    Next summer I'll buy another.
    Thank you all for responding to this post, but the bike has now been sold!

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