The Value Of Framesliders
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Thread: The Value Of Framesliders

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    The Value Of Framesliders

    Here's a few pics of my bike after I was hit by a car doing about 70kmh just (i mean f*ckin just) behind my right foot at a 90 degree angle. If you look closely, you can see that my back tire isn't actually straight, the swingarm has been pushed to the left about 2-3cm.
    Aside from that, the bike would have suffered very little damage, just a bit of a bashed up right lower in one spot and the tail is cracked and scraped up a bit.
    Also there's a hole about the size of a quarter punched in the exhaust pipe where my foot usually sits. I have no idea where my foot was when it got punched through like that, but I know I'm damm lucky to be walking right now.
    I think framesliders should come stock, but then mfg's wouldn'd make as much money on parts sales I guess.

    I can guarantee they'll pay for themselves in on drop a hundred times over......

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    how do you get a file that is actually big enough to see, or what file type do you use?????

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