Cruiser Ride to Squamish, Wednesday June 9
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Thread: Cruiser Ride to Squamish, Wednesday June 9

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    flying busa

    Cruiser Ride to Squamish, Wednesday June 9

    Hey Cruisers,
    Any out there?
    Short notice...just wanted to let you know I have a group of cruisers that ride every Wednesday from the Swan on 1724 W. 4th Ave @ 6:00pm. Nice bunch of attitudes..just cruising to Starbucks in Squamish...the invitation is open to any cruisers on this site.

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    Cruiser? What's that?
    I'll hop on the low rider and join you for a scoot to Squishy as long as the weather holds out. You know when I'm in cruiser mode I like to stay dry!

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    flying busa
    What a great night...thanks Stephen for coming rain thank God. Nice quiet night up to Squamish..I guess everyone was out at Boundary Bay.
    thanks everyone for coming was awesome. Priya, Amber, Alan, Cheri, Bog, and Scott...another sucessful evening. See all you cruisers next Wednesday..same time, same place.

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