Clearcoat in aerosol can.. where and what??
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Thread: Clearcoat in aerosol can.. where and what??

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    Clearcoat in aerosol can.. where and what??

    I'm rattle canning a couple pieces of plastics and need to know what is a good clearcoat to use and where I can buy it from?? I need the type that comes in a spray can.


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    White and Peters. Auto body supply house. They supply alot of shops and have good Q stuff, unlike Canadian Tire, for example.


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    The only plain-store variety i found to be not bad is the Dupli Color wheel clearcoat(always sold in same section as their wheel paint). But spray nozzles suck so you have to be really carefull not to make runs.
    Stay away from normal automotive Dupli color clearcoat/clear laquer-that shit is horrid and has major tendency to wrinkle.
    Also stay away from plasti-kote clear sold at Lordco-it goes on not bad but it just doesnt harden properly and isnt chemical resistant.
    Car Brite clear is pretty decent and probably pretty cheap, you just got to find a car-brite truck/van,they sell to car dealerships and detail shops.

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    White and Peter's does not sell paint to individuals, only shops (due to chemical handling licenses and the like). The best quality paint you can buy is found at Al's Supply House in Chilliwack, the paint guy there is really helpful and will get you set up with what you need. They were the only place i could find that would sell paint in small amounts (pints) when I was painting my frame this winter. They also have a really good quality primer and clearcoat in spray cans (used by bodyshops).

    Good luck with the painting
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