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    Question Fender Eliminator...

    Just curious if having doing a fender elim mod on bikes is cause for legal conserns? seems like some bikes come with HUGE fenders (like the SV) bikes look sweet without fenders... and many people do the mods...

    but I"m just wondering is there a law or some sorta restriction on how much tire is allowed to be exposed from the rear? I know there is for trucks and stuff (illegal to drive semis without mud flaps)

    just curious... anyone had any issues with it?


    PS... oo I just thought that having no fender would do a pretty decent job of keeping those cages off your tail in the rain

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    I was wondering more on the lines of having your licence plate less visible as with some undertails like the "hotbodies racing" one for the SV. Has anyone been pulled over by the cops for an obscured/difficult to see plate? If so, what has been the result?
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    If the plate stays in the same place you won't get hassled. I created a fender eliminator for my bike with a Dremel.
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    as long as it is visible from a car length back and lit it is legal. there is no rules or stipulation for bikes as to how much tire is exposed. it is not supposed to be bent or deformed in any way but other than that i already stated, pretty much anything goes. as for being lit, most people remove the whole fender, righ up the mounting, then use those LED license plated bolts for light. works great and you can get a pair for like $15 with wiring and instructions from Wal-Mart. my plate on my old Gixxer was mounted on my battery box infront of the rear wheel and perfectly visible from behind but from anywhere else you couldn't even tell i had one. i had several arguments with law enforcement officers and they left steamed when they radioed in for confirmation of legality of things only to find it mearly stated visible from behind. i had them sit in their car and be a proper distance behind as if traveling in heavy traffic and they could see it plain as day. i had taken the stock brake light and even wired it up underneath so as to be lit. looked and worked great. need any help just give a PM.
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