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    Yes, I've searched old threads and understand the basic concept of jetting. I'm considering a 95 zx6r w/ yoshi pipe and dynojet. If the dynojet was improperly installed, what's the worse I can expect? Can a shop determine whether a dynojet has been installed correctly (labour un-intensive)?

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    An experienced tuner can go for a spin on your bike and tell by the dips in the powerband whether the jet kit is working properly. But for sure, on a dyno is where they'll see if the kit is performing properly, by looking at the power curve. As for cost, it depends on the shop and what they do to it.

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    your bike wouldn't run too well if the jet kit was done wrong. You could take it in to BK and have Manny look at it for you. They do good work.
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    There's tell-tale signs of whether the jetting is right or off.
    It should not POP hard under deceleration(but burbling is fine)-sign of being lean,usually needle height adjustment.
    It should run better when warmed up(if it runs better when cold its too rich)
    There shouldnt be any funny drops in powerband
    Dynojet is just a brand name, jet kits are made by a few other companies too. dynojet kits usually come with a few different size jets and its up to the tuner to select which one fits the application best(depending on pipe/air filter)
    If the kit was improperly installed, the absolute worst. you dont wanna know. as the installation usually calls for drilling holes in slides. dont really know anyone that screwed it up that bad but tuning could be a headache i guess. 1 cyl bikes are fun to tune

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