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    FS: Securipage 200 alarm

    Securipage 200 alarm for sale. $350 obo.

    (2) 4-mile range two-way pagers
    shock sensing
    microwave motion sensing
    ignition cut-off
    loud siren
    I'm sure a bunch of other cool alarm stuff

    Barely used, never fully installed. I only temporarily installed it (to try it out) using zap straps, so the double-sided tape is mint, and no wires were cut in any way. If I didn't say anything you would never know it'd been taken out of the box.
    EXCEPT for: 1. I couldn't get the led to work. maybe I'm dumb, maybe it's bunk, I don't know. 2. On one of the pager units (there's two) I removed the 'panic' button to keep it from going off spontaneously in my pocket. I'll bet you'd do the same, and if not, there's TWO pagers, the other one's never been out of the box, so who cares.

    Why would I sell what's arguably the best pager alarm available?
    - It chirps to remind you to turn on the alarm when you turn off the bike. I find it very annoying. That's the ONLY reason.

    I think they go for 450-500 + tax, so I'm selling it for 350 obo.
    trades possible - things i may buy with the money are: good size 10 race boots, good/newish helmet (kawi green design) s/m, rear stand, another alarm
    pm or reply here.

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