Service manual 00-03 gsxr 750 - first service?
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Thread: Service manual 00-03 gsxr 750 - first service?

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    Service manual 00-03 gsxr 750 - first service?

    Does anyone out there have access to one of these?
    My bike has about 1000 kms and I am debating getting the first service done.
    I have already changed the oil & filter, and tightenned/lubed the chain. But am unsure if there are other things that I need to get done?
    Any comments are appreciated.....

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    I have the manual at home, I'll let you know what exactly to do. I'm pretty sure you do a once over on all the bolts to make sure everything is snug, and check the head bearing for play.
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    Change oil and filter. Replace with stock filter and non-synthetic 10w40 motorcycle oil. Check bolts as mentioned. Check freeplay in the clutch cable and throttle. Check fuel injection by tripping the bike into "dealer" mode (see a manual; really easy). If there is an error you can adjust accordingly. Usually it is fine but sometimes the TPS or throttle postion sensor is not calibrated properly. The other thing to do is make sure tire pressure is to spec and that the chain is lubed and is not too loose.

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