how to find a helmet model numer?
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Thread: how to find a helmet model numer?

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    how to find a helmet model numer?

    im trying to find a tinted visor for my arai helment. only thing i can find on the helmet is on the clear sheild part where it says L4?

    and whats the average price for a arai sheild, either tinted or iraduim blue??

    thanks guys


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    Depending on how old the helmet is, have you checked the back? The model on recent Arai's should be on the back. It's on the back of mine. Just above the DOT sticker. They clear coat it on. Otherwise, I thought all Arai visors are the same?

    Should run you nearly $200 taxes in for a tinted or iridium blue. Beware of the blue ones. They scratch easily, but probably not while riding.

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    i checked it very carefully and cant find it.
    mind bogglin, might just take it in and see what the dealership can find out.

    thanks dru for the tip

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    Most higher end Arai's share the same visor... and I think you're getting bent if you paid $200 for a tinted one... should only be about $100ish... that's what I paid... taxes in... All RX7's, Quantums, and a couple of others models from the pas few years share the same visor design...

    good luck with that...
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