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Thread: Need advice on gear

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    Need advice on gear

    I am going to take a motorcycle training program soon, and they require that you have your own jacket, boots and pants. So here is my question they say you need to have a Kevlar or leather jacket. I was wondering if a texture jacket would be allright I was thinking of getting the Joe Rocket Orbit jacket and I'm wondering if that would be allright to use for the course.
    I would also like a opinion on these other items I thinking of getting. See links below Please I need help I have know clue of what to get. I don’t have money to get leather right now.
    Please help I dont want to waste my money.

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    The jacket should be fine. As for the shoes... that's sketchy. They probably won't say anything as long as you hide it somewhat and don't blab, "are these okay?". JR "shoes" are not great. Barely any ankle protection. Only reason they make them and sell them is so people have a gear shift protector, and maybe marginal ankle support (my horrid opinion). The orbit jacket looks thin, from the picture. Very little padding. I'd spring for something with some foam in the elbows and shoulders.

    Look towards $500 for a set. Jacket, boots, gloves. Add $400 for the helmet. This is all cheap stuff, or even second hand. You can get good second hand stuff on the boards here. Just look at the sale stuff. You don't need to get the pants. Thick jeans will do. You won't be doing too much on the hiway, so it should be okay. Doesn't feel safe to me, but I'm used to my "kevlar". BTW, kevlar and textile is the same stuff.

    Personally, I wouldn't buy a helmet off ebay. You never know if it's new or used. They say, "new", but who knows. Don't skimp on anything. If you can't afford the gear now, can you afford the bike? I'd rather get a cheaper bike and good gear than cheap gear and a good bike. Feeling safe is better than feeling cool.

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    When they say kevlar, they mean textile. Any jacket made specifically for motorcycling will be ok (with the exception of mesh jackets... probably not ok). Jeans will be ok for the course, but motorcycle pants are highly recommended. I wouldn't want to fall off at 100kph wearing jeans.

    For cheap, durable leather boots that cover the ankle, the best by far I have found are used army boots (they were even recommended by one of my instructors at BCSC). The army/navy surplus store on Broadway just west of Commercial (the one with the gorilla outside) has a selection of used boots in the back for $50 a pair, lots of sizes and states of wear.

    Don't cheap out on helmet, jacket and gloves... you get what you pay for.

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    Standard issue combat boots are acceptable? Sounds good, I have a pair of those that I picked up some years ago at the Army Surplus store, I just wear them for work now because I don't want my other boots to get wrecked.

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    Safety rating on the helmet is current and I wouldn't have aprehensions about condition....that's new from a dealer. Gear can be cheap if you buy used......not everyone needs to get the whole power ranger suit to get started but they're best. Ebay is definitely cheapest if you are patient and don't mind waiting. Textiles get the job done for most people but they're not good for multiple or bad crashes. That's why I don't use them.

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    a textile jacket with elbow, shoulder and back padding is good, the one you had on your pick list, i am not sure has all that, you should be able to use jeans in a pinch , but those " shoes " that you have looked up, in my opinion, NO NO, you want something that goes up to the calf area, for ankle support, the suggestion of " combat boots" is a cheaper way to go, and will do the job, as suggested above, look in the board here for items for sale, between ebay and here, you should be able to find what you need for a relatively reasonable price range, good luck

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    I agree-the gear is MUCH more important than the bike. You should NEVER wear shoes! Always wear proper fitting boots that come up midway on the calf. I had a very minor crash going home from a friend's. An old man pulled out in front of me and I tried to brake and turn at the same time (oops . I was wearing full leathers and motorcylce boots(too big though-they were given to me). When I went down the bike landed on my heal and tore a ligament in my ankle-I now have one "sloppy" ankle. If you don't want to spring for leather then definately kevlar/ballistic. A proper fitting helmet in very important. Unless you have tried on the same helmets you are looking at on ebay, you may find they don't suit your head shape when you get them. As far as the pants, for casual riding heavy jeans will work but if you step it up a bit wear proper protection. I prefer leather. Textile gear is comfy and more versatile for varying weather conditions. That said, it is not tight like leather and if you fall the armor that is there to protect you may rotate (from sliding friction) off the area it was meant to protect and provide little or no protection if/when you hit something else. Jeans don't last long at 100km/h. Just my two cents

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