R6 and 70series front tire
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Thread: R6 and 70series front tire

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    R6 and 70series front tire

    Just to confirm, If I want to go to a 70 front from the stock 60series. I have to raise my front fender a few mm correct. And is it important to compensate for the increased diameter by lowering the forks in the triple tree?
    I'm assuming I have to do both.

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    You don't HAVE to do anything as long as the tire doesn't actually rub the fender. Try it first. If you can honestly say you can fee the difference then let the tubes slip up by the 5 or so millimeters that you need.

    On my F2 I've had the spec 65 as well as three other 70 series on it without changing the tube heights. Didn't feel a darn bit of difference except for the latest D208 for the Boundry Bay sessions. And what I did feel may be more due to the seriously flatish profile of the rear. So try it first. You may not need any changes.
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    I did this on my R6 (Pereli Diablos) and had to drop the forks 5mm to get back to normal handling. Fender was fine.

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    It's real tight on my fender, if there's a pebble in the tread it rubs the fender.

    I asked John at Bomax about going to a 70 series, he said it would improve handling.

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    I use a 70 series michelin race tire and a 60 series d208 on the street no mods done at all

    I just find if a rock gets stuck in tire it scrapes under my front fender but no other problems so far

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