Riding up around Lund
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Thread: Riding up around Lund

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    Riding up around Lund

    This weekend a couple of us are planning to ride up through Powell River and around that area.

    Has anyone got experience with this area? I've spent a lot of time through Pender Harbour, Sechelt etc but I have never taken the Earls Cove ferry.

    What can I expect driving time from the Earls Cove Ferry to Lund? The maps show roads leading from Lund up the coast a bit... are those nice? Is the highway past Earls Cove ferry as good as the highway between Pender Harbour and Sechelt?

    Ideally I'd like to hit the 8:30am Earls Cove ferry... so i should have lots of time to play around up there... would like to come back probably around 3:30pm ferry.

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    I only hit this once, but seem to remember the road after Earl's Cove ferry as better than the Sechelt to Cove jaunt.
    Less cops, less traffic and just as good pavement.
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