Had enough "Choppermania"?
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Thread: Had enough "Choppermania"?

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    Choppers are to motorcycles, as professional wrestling is to sports.


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    That's funny, although most of these arguments can be easily turned around and pointed against (most) sportbike riders.

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    I saw knockoff West Coast Chopper shirts at the Richmond Night Market last night.

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    No way. Sportbikes, and most bikes are shaped like they are because they need to be. Short wheelbases and steep steering head angles for tight turning, higher centers of gravity and ground clearance for high lean angles, etc. Form follows function.
    Choppers originally were stripped down stock bikes and that would have been fine if they left it there but they have evolved into art, and that's fine too but some are too weird to be ridden, and what's the point of a bike you can't ride.

    Works of art they may be and examples of fine craftmanship they are, but good motorcycles, they aint.

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    I still want one though! Best of both worlds!

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    I agree with lowprofile. I wouldn't mind owning one for the short coffee jaunts in town. Sometimes it takes me longer to gear up and warm up the bike than the actual trip to a local coffee shop!
    At least with a chopper I only have to wear a beanie, jeans and t-shirt!
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