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    ok sooo christ stands ..... can someone explain to me how to do them because i have no idea ..... please be serious aight kool thx

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    Practice with the bike on the side stand.

    For me

    1) get feet on seat while holding grips, knees on the tank.
    2) let go of grips and push up off the tank while standing up
    3) slowly straighten legs..and proceed to stick arms out/jump.

    i practiced the routine on the ground, then each step individually while movin. It just balls from there.

    If you come out weds at boundry bay i can show you (along with many other peeps that are better than i).

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    i started by seatting on the passenger seat with my feet on the front seat and then slowly stand while holding the tank untill i was confident enough to stand up all the way
    -note you must have the bike in neutral and must have a good steady speed if the bike is still in gear it will slow down too much and won't give you time to finish the trick and remember to do this in a big area where there is no cars or people just to be on the safe side. good luck.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    go fast...drop it in neutral get up on the seat real fast and thats it... the slower u get up the shakier it gets and u'll get scared....practice that first..then turn your idle up and do it again and u'll roll longer.... good luck...
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    all of the above

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    christ stands are about as cool as sand in your underwear.

    westcoast #1

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    You may want to make sure your handle bars don't do any headshaking while riding with no hands.

    Yeah, Christ stands look lame.
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    I think christ stands are sweet to do buy ghey to watch. Saying that I still do them all the time. IF you have a choke on your bike you can use that to keep your speed steady if you do not then i suggest going about 110 120 ish and pop it into neutral.
    Put feet on seat (while holding handlebars)
    let go of handle bars put hands on tank
    then if your still scared still hold onto the tank put lift your butt up
    then finally let go stand up/put your arms out
    get down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Extremeriderz
    christ stands are about as cool as sand in your underwear.

    Will sand get rid of Crabs?........................oh shit wait......this is BCSB....crap

    IMO Christ stands = a pooey stunt

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    i dont care if you people like christ stands or not ill do it if people like it or not

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