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    Which Race School?

    Hei all,

    I would like to take a race/track class and I am interested your opinion about the school[s] that you have taken.

    I am currently registered in CLASS school [Reg Pridmore] at PIR. But I have read some post in this forum that mentioned about a couple other schools, Mike Sullivan's and PSSR, that might suit my need better [and cheaper]. I have until the end of June to cancel my registration at CLASS.

    Some info about me if you feel like giving me some suggestion. My friends and I are planning to race GP125 next season. As for my skill level, I guess I am an OK average rider, I can drag the peg on my R6.


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    Welcome to the board PanPan!!
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    I went to CLASS at Willow Springs last fall and had a great time. I'll be doing it again this fall at Laguna Seca. I highly recommend it to street riders wanting to improve their skills or just wanting to have fun.

    It is not a racing school. They do not teach how to do race starts, or about red/black flags, etc. There is no competitive aspect to it.
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    Good to have another track guy (or gal) around here. By all means take the Pridmore or whoever's class for the skill set enhancment but you should be aware that to race around here you're gonna need a novice license from the Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club or WMRC. Their course is $400 Cdn and the license you get is recognized by the Seattle club as well. I'm not sure about the Portland group but I believe they have some sort of reciprocity agreement.

    And FWIW Steve Dick and Troy "something or other", two well known (except to me obviously ) and very competent racers are running an advanced school for when you want to get competitive. But when you take the "manditory" track school you'll be introduced to them and learn about their school.

    This is really the only game in town for racing competiveley so you don't really have any choice in the matter if that's what you want. But on a happy note they're a great group of guys to deal with.

    And that link again is www.wmrc.bc.ca . See you at the next meeting
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