A good day for women (and men)!
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Thread: A good day for women (and men)!

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    A good day for women (and men)!

    A Beautifull Woman

    Every once in a while, I stumble on something that rattles my understanding of "normal". When this happens, it often turns out to reveal an even darker world than I normally perceive. Fortunately there are also those moments of grace where a shimmer of something really good breaks through. I want to share one of these gossamer glimpses.

    Since getting married 10 years ago, I have become good friends with a number of my spouse's girl friends. In photographing them, I have been repeatedly surprised at how really beautifull many of these candid every day situation shots have turned out. Many of these women are single, in their 30's, and do not have appearances similar to the photos portrayed in the "Drool" section. I have often wondered: "Do the single guys they meet ever see, and if so are they even attracted to, this natural every day kind of beauty?"

    I just viewed Jet Blast's video of BCSB's FemmeFatale (http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/sh...8&page=1&pp=15), and to my eye, he has captured something of what I have been trying to describe. Even more wonderfull to hear that he has been getting alot of positive male responses to it. This makes me very happy for my single girl friends: alot of guys DO respond to a natural kind of beauty not dictated by the aesthetic of the latest "Maxim."

    Thanks Jet Blast and FemmeFatale; you made my day!

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    Nice post. I have found that over my many years of experience- the barbie beauty only last for a few months. I know for most young guys, and guys in general, they fall in love with their eyes first. It is nice to see both sides on the site...

    Great job Jet Blast and FemmeFatale...you made my day too


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    your girlfriend
    all women possess a little bit of eye candy , ya just gotta take the time to see the real person. the same goes for the guys. we are all stunning in our own ways, be it looks personality , or whatever

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    the old saying, " beauty is skin deep " but true beauty goes beyond that, it incorporates the " whole " being, and not always do people look at the same person and see the same thing, thank god for that, there is an essence , an aura about a person, that reveals their true beauty, something attracts people to eachother, its opening your eyes, your heart, your soul to another, seeing that person for their true self that is beautiful, sometimes your friend can be dating someone, you personally dont find attractive, but your friend has seen something you cant, so never judge by just outward appearances alone, always look further, you will be surprised at what you may find

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