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Thread: how to beat a ticket

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    how to beat a ticket

    Try this one on for size. I was coming over to the island for the weekend and had just gotten off the ferry. Wait i dhould explain a little better, while i was on the ferry ths really hot blonde chcik was sitting next to me. Now had a bit of gas going on but I'll be damned if i was gonna let em rip with her right there. We were on the Fast Cat and i didnt want to give up seat cus there is no damn place to sit on that stupid boat. Anyway so over the course of this ferry ride i kept bottling it up inside. Now Im riding off the ferry and thngs start bubbling inside ya know so im gettin a little distracted trying to push these things out and sort of half ass paying attention to what im doing. Well this cop pulls in behind me and throws his lights on. So I pull over and he comes up and asks for the licence and registration shit than asks if i knew how fast i was goin. So i told him i didnt really know. Told him I was trying to push this fart out of my ass and wasnt really payin attention. Well i think it completely blew his mind cus he didnt know what the hell to say to that. He told me i was doin 130 in a 60 zone ( which isnt really bad cus eveyone does about 80 or 90 through there anyway) But he was so surprised by my answer that he didnt know what to say to it. So no ticket for me, a new story for him to tell, and he made me sit there for ten minutes til i cleaned out the excess. He stayed and we bsed for a bit than we carried on our way.

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    you better not ruin this, this is my best excuse whenever I get pulled over for speeding.
    "But officer, you gotta, *ack*, *uggh*, you gotta let me go, *gack!* , I got a serious case of explosive diarehha! *ugghhh*...'cmon man, don't make me crap my pants....*ahhhh, hurry hurry hurry! give me a ticket if your gonna!* aaaaah! uggghh*eeeeek*!

    usually get some strange looks and waived right on by, although once I even recieved a police escort to the nearest rest rooms because the cop didn't believe me. some quick thinking, some chocolate pudding, and convincing sounds of agony, and I was a free man.
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    note to self... check to see if jello pudding fits in trunk!

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    Some of you here may remember this from last year but I still can beleive that it worked...

    Well I was following Dalton down the highway when he took off and weaved through a gap but i could not make it, then dave went buy on the other side and before I new it Dalton was turning off the highway. I missed the exit and decided to call it quits. Then I headed on and I started going over the alex fraser bridge. I was still in that zippy race mood and kept a pace off 180 over the bridge when all of a sudden I pass the police persuit comaro like it was standing still. I am like oh shit . He switches lanes and gets right on my ass as I slow down and onn go the lights. I pull over and think hey this is not the way the night was suppose to end . He walks up to me and I raise my viser and say

    Me- I am sorry for speeding but I just had chinese with a bunch of friends and I am having an alergic reaction to peanut oil in somthing.

    Him- I see
    Me- I dont have a cell phone (which I did have) and I was rushing back to white rock amergancy. You can follow me there if you dont believe me.
    Him- Ok I will (with a little snicker thinking I was lying, he he .
    So we head back and reach the hospital and I get admitted and take an iv in the arm and a shot of benadrill to calm me down.
    The oficer says you were not kidding, well good luck and have a good night. So I sit there for 2 hours with this nurse that is no joke the hottest chick I have ever seen and she just sat and talked with me for an hour . Then I got to go home and no more 400 dollar ticket. Woo hoo scored me a chick for an hour . Man that had to be the best night I have had in a long time and well worth the trip. Anyway thanks guys and we gotta do it again some time.

    Honestly I have no idea how I pulled that off, it just popped into my head at the last minute. Damn good thing
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    I don't know how you guys can pull this off and keep a serious face , I would start laughting in front of the officer .
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    you dind't have an allergic reaction to the peanut oil though right?

    i would try something like that, but i would be afraid that i wouldn't get admitted or anything.

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    Ryan you are now my hero.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    the problem starts when they administer a drug that you don't need and you either start shitting your pants or seeing flying dolphins!
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