Need to get bike to shop
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Thread: Need to get bike to shop

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    Need to get bike to shop

    Hey Guys,
    Just throwing this out there but my bike is messed (wont run) and I kinda sorta got to get it to 5th Gear to get her looked at and the thing is I dont have a way of getting it there on this here BEAUTIFUL day and it is quite a trek. I was gunna bring to some place closer but I have always delt with 5th gear. And heres another part, I live in on the North Shore and Bill is in White Rock. So if anyone has a truck and is not going to be riding for a bit and would want to be stuck in a cage down to white rock and of course I got your gas and some grub, then give me a shout @ 604-922-2003


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    My what?
    Call Bill, he might be able to arrange getting the bike to his shop.
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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