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    I did a search and there was only one thread from last year dedicated to this subject.. pretty surprising, it also seems like last year wasn't a good year in theft either.

    So what do you use and what are the options for anti-theft? I know of the Bike Brace but that isn't ideal for everyone, is there some other devices? I assume overall it's pretty hard to secure the bike because as it's been noted, sport bikes are generally light and can be easily shoved into a truck or van by a few guys.

    When/if I start to ride I have a car port (no garage door) that I think I could park in and I'll just use my car cover to conceal it and have one of the cars park in front to block the bike. But what else can be done?

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    do a search for alarms
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    I use a disc lock and a 2way paging alarm system. Works pretty good... i think that if your're gonna put in a bike alarm, spring the extra $$ for the paging... that way you can be notified that its ASS KICKN time.. (especially when the siren is disabled so only your pager goes off... ohhhhh the fun!)

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    Options seem pretty limited.

    But perhaps a better question is, what is the most common ways of bike theft? Is it hot wiring and riding away with the bike or loading it up in a van or truck and taking off with it?

    If it was mostly to do with hot wiring and stuff then you'd think there would be starter imbolizers on the bikes, or is there even an option for that? That's what I had put in my car was a starter imbolizer, sound alarm and I always use the club.. there must be some similar options for bikes.

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    I think the truck grab is common, then the disc lock and ignition can be defeated at leisure. I see disk locks kind of like the Club, limited effectiveness but a deterrent to casual roll away theft. I always use one when parking away from home.

    For the carport, get a good heavy chain and lock, and tie your bike to something. Then a motion-activated floodlight (that's not easy to reach and disable) may deter a thief facing half an hour with a grinder to get your bike.

    And then resign yourself to the fact that if they really want it, they'll get it.

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    From reading your reply, you'd be best off with a bike brace. The guy who makes and sells them is on the board. Just PM him. For an alarm, Bieu makes the 3rd watch ones. I wish I could afford one. Best bet, as anyone else would say, do EVERYTHING. Get a paging alarm with motion sensor, bike brace with the big flap thingies, a chain to a post, and 3 disc locks. 2 disc locks if you only have 2 brake rotors.

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    Understandable Dru, you never know what thief may be lurking and spotting out bikes here.

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