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    About to buy pocket bike

    Hey everyone, I am about to buy a pocket bike in a few weeks and I wanted to get some suggestions on which to get. I dont wanna spend over then $400 but I want something that will do 45-50mph, the faster the better. I was looking at the pocket bikes at www.minipocketbikes.com and the prices look 'OK' but I wanted to just see what everyone else has. I see that Blata and Polini have some good bikes but are expensive, eh?

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    A user who just signed up today from New York, asking about a place that sells pocketbikes in California, on a message board in Vancouver, Canada.

    Amazing how these cheap pocketbikes have flooded the market. There must be 100 places that are trying to move these now.

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    Either a troller or someone that is just plain cheap. You wanna go 50 mph? It will take more than $400 chum.

    If you want to show movies on your 52 inch plasma screen do you buy a $40 DVD player? No.

    Cheap pocketbikes are just that. Cheap. And even the more expensive ones that go fast break from crashing. Cheap pocketbikes cost more in the long run since you have to buy shitloads of parts for them. If you can get them...

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    maybe he meant american money since he from new york...?

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