probs with a carberator on 02 r6
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Thread: probs with a carberator on 02 r6

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    probs with a carberator on 02 r6

    Hey i wanna buy this new 2002 r6, but it's the last year they were using carberator. Cause i dont mind doing the minor work myself, but i'm not gonna mess around with the carberator. So i'm curious if anyone out there has had any problems with there 2002.
    Or should i just shell out a little more coin and buy an 03 ???

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    Carb work is not that bad. Mostly you just need to be a little more delicate than with the rest of the work and approach it with a little more attention to detail.

    And it's not like fuel injection is a "fire and forget" thing. The bodies still need to be synched just like carbs and stale gas can still clog injectors just like the jets in carbs.

    So all in all I wouldn't let carbs versus injection kill a deal if you come across a good price.
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    no problems here.
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    No problems with mine, just got the carbs synched this year and it runs great.

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